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Bruce Eric Kaplan, Edmund and Rosemary go to Hell

(2016-04-28 001)Title: Edmund and Rosemary go to Hell

Author: Bruce Eric Kaplan

Publication Information: New York: Simon & Schuster, 2007

ISBN: 1-4165-4549-2 (978-1-4165-4549-1)

Library of Congress Classification: PS3561.A5534

Library of Congress Subject Headings:
Life–Comic books, strips, etc.
Hell–Comic books, strips, etc.

This is brilliant.

Edmund and Rosemary are a married couple that decide to go for a walk one Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn. They come to the conclusion that the world is truly an ugly, unhappy place. People on cell phones, lousy movies, chain stores offering no health care, evil corporations, traffic everywhere–there was no respite. It is at this point that Edmund and Rosemary conclude that they are living in Hell.

Of course everyone assures them that they are not, in fact, living in Hell. They contact their governmental representatives and end up talking to a spineless, top governmental official in D.C. who confirms that they are, indeed, in Hell. Anyone who discovers that we live is Hell is given a huge lottery win as hush money. And so Edmund and Rosemary start their new lives, but find that they still aren’t happy.

This is a wonderful little book to read on those days when the world seems worse than usual. Edmund and Rosemary are those of us who just get fed up with the world and want a way to escape–but there is no escape, so what do we do to make ourselves feel better?

Read the book. The line drawings only add to the fun.