Look What’s in the Warner Library!

Warner Library serves Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. There’s a big browsing section of what new books the library bought.

(2014-03-07 002)Title: Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook

Publication Information: Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, c2012

ISBN: 978-1-118-38894-5

Library of Congress Classification: TX739.2.H34

Dewey Decimal Classification: 641

Library of Congress Subject Headings:
Halloween cooking

This is a fun cookbook.

I love everything Halloween, and this book has some good suggestions for party ideas.

Some of the recipes are how to cook something and, more importantly, how to dress-up food for the holiday. The Spiderweb Black Bean Burgers (p. 64-65), Chicken Enchilada Mummies (p. 66-67), Taco Monster Mouths (p. 68-69), Serpent Subs (p. 72-73) and Spooky Shepherd’s Pie (p. 88-89) are variations on recipes that most of us probably have or know where to get them, as well as how to make the food look spooky.

There are some good recipes. I like the Candy Corn Cookies (p. 156-157) and Scary Cat Cookies (p. 158-159); these are clever and good-tasting cookies. The ideas on how to create candy-corn-shaped cookies with the same candy colors is very inventive. Some of the recipes are for simple, yet clever, snacks. Witches’ Brooms (p. 166-167), Grilled Ham and Cheese Boo Bites (p. 74-75), Scarecrow-d Taco Dip (p. 42-43), and Graveyard Bones with Dip (p. 36-37) are simple ways to celebrate Halloween without going to a lot of trouble. Meanwihile, Scary Pancakes (p. 94-95) and Spiderweb Pot Pies (p. 84-85) look delicious. These are definitely comfort foods.

With these types of cookbooks, you have to remember that the brand names, in this case Pillsbury, are going to be mentioned. However, it’s easy to find a recipe to make the product that is the brand name. For example, for the Spooky Spiderweb Pizza (p. 78-79), a can of Pillsbury pizza crust is needed. There are so many recipes on the Internet for pizza dough that you can easily replace the can with your own (or someone else’s) dough.

So, if you like celebrating Halloween and like food, this book is for you. You’ll get a lot of ideas here.

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