Emma Daniels, Avion

(2013-11-15 002)TitleAvion

Author: Emma Daniels

Series: Crystal Rose chronicles (book 1)

Publication Information: Smashwords edtion. [No place: no publisher], 2011.

Library of Congress Classification: PS3604.A969267

Library of Congress Subject Headings:
Knights and knighthood–Fiction
Imaginary places–Fiction
Adventure and adventurers–Fiction

I didn’t like this book when I started it, but I’m glad I stuck with it.

The first few chapters are about Krystos, the captain of the ship, the Crystal Rose. He’s fleeing from his homeland into the unknown. Exactly what Krystos has done isn’t revealed until nearly the end of the book; he killed someone, exactly who is not revealed.

It isn’t made clear for the first few chapters exactly who, other than Krystos, is a main character. There’s a young mage introduced who is hearing a voice in his head–the voice that is teaching him the secrets of magic. Only later do we learn that he is Leonado, the son of Lorenso, one of the last powerful mages left in Avion.

The Crystal Rose is wrecked, and the young cabin boy whom Krystos has abused for fun (and sex), is washed overboard and is about to die when two dolphins rescue him and take him to a cove where he begins his journey. This is Alecsis, the cabin boy who grows up to be one of the greatest knights in Avion.

There’s a beautiful princess, lots of magic, and a quest that begins at the end of the book. Also, people that are introduced and you think are going to be around for a while are killed. Nasty things happen to good people, but you nonetheless continue to root for the good, hoping the horrible things that are happening can be reversed or at least stopped.

The idea of someone being killed and their essence being able to simply take over another at will is what I had the problem with at the beginning. Krystos discovers that he has that power when his body is killed and he takes over the body of one of his crew. Leonado, who created the storm that wrecked the Crystal Rose, makes an alliance with Krystos who gains control over an evil, enchanted sword.

I’m not sure exactly what it is that Krystos is able to transfer to his new body–his consciousness, his soul? It’s never really explored as to how he simply pushes out the consciousness in the body he takes over. And take them over he does–except for Alecsis, who is able to push him away. There’s a special bond between Alecsis and Krystos, which can be guessed from the hints that are dropped towards the end of the book.

This was a surprisingly good book.

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