The web site says “If you’re a reviewer, blogger, journalist, librarian, bookseller, educator, or in the media, get a FREE NetGallery account to request and read digital galleys today.” So I did. NetGallery wants reviews for the book galleys that they are offering.

I had a friend tell me about NetGallery. I downloaded five galleys. I’ve only been a member for a month or so. I finished one book (soon to be reviewed), and I am in the middle of another one. I had a graphic novel from DC Comics on Batman that looked interesting. (I used to collect comic books.) I had to request the file from the publisher. The day I was told that I could download it was the day that I went to the web site only to find that the publisher had already pulled the novel from review. What was the point of even telling me that I could read it?

There were two books that I downloaded but discovered that there was no way that I could read them on my Kindle. So, I emailed NetGallery to find out if I could somehow get the books in a Kindle-friendly form. All the other galleys that I got (pdf files) I could read on the Kindle. I was told that I should use another reader to access these files.

Ah, no.

The pdf files have many typos. In one file, editorial comments were mingled into sentences that I had to stop and try and figure out what was the original sentence. Proper nouns were not capitalized, and in some places it was hard to follow the text. One does have to wonder if it’s even worth trying to read these galleys.

I’ve gone to Book Expo America for several years and have gotten proofs/advance reading copies/whatever you want to call them that have errors but the text is readable. Perhaps there’s a difference between proofs and galleys. The five galleys I was able to download to my Kindle I am obligated to review and I will, but whether or not I use NetGallery again is debatable.

I will mark these reviews with “NetGallery download.”

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