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Title: Moon Crest 24: New Friends [volume 1]; Old Friends [volume 2]

Author: Story and art by Derek Calixto

Publication Information: Self-published by Derek Calixto, 2008-2010

ISBN: 978-0-9832000-0-0 (volume 1); 978-0-9832000-1-7 (volume 2)

Library of Congress Classification: PN6790.U5

Dewey Decimal Classification: 741

Library of Congress Subject Headings:
Vampires—Comic books, strips, etc.
College students—Comic books, strips, etc.
Demonology—Comic books, strips, etc.

This is definitely manga.

The art is definitely Japanese-style. The first exposure to manga I had was with Star Blazers, the 1970s television series about the Battleship Yamato being resurrected and sent into space to “save the human race.” I suppose it is more accurate to call Star Blazers anime rather than manga, but the style of art is the same.

In these manga books, Derek Calixto has created an Earth where thousands of years ago demons lived and roamed. They were defeated and driven into the netherworld. Now they want Earth back, and the only ones who oppose them are the vampires, specifically Drake von Greyssen and Daniel. These vampires were killed fighting the demon Zander 2000 lunar cycles ago. They aren’t exactly dead but they aren’t alive, either. The “spirits” of the vampires are attached to two humans, Dwayne and Derek. Whereas Dwayne can communicate with Daniel, Drake has no idea that he is now part of Derek, and vice-versa. Drake simply emerges, and then Derek regains consciousness and Drake disappears. It’s not until volume 2 that the two vampires meet up again and Daniel discovers that Drake is attached to Derek. Daniel then has Dwayne keep an eye on him.

Derek is living with three college women in their apartment. Lucy, Raquel and Dory, who spend their free time hanging out Friday nights in the cemetery, eating pizza and trying to communicate with spirits. This is how they meet Derek, who ends up being taken in by them. Though Lucy already has a boyfriend (a complex relationship), she is nonetheless attracted to Derek. Dwayne attempts to infiltrate the women’s apartment (he wants to live there) when Derek suddenly runs off. The demons, in the meantime, are continuing to cross over to Earth to destroy humanity and take over the planet again. Calixto hasn’t followed the cliff hanger in volume 2 with a third volume as yet.

If you like manga, take a look at these two volumes.

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